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General feedback comments: 

 "I'm looking forward to these books - I found 'The Final Evolution' and 'From The Inside' excellent.  It's so   good that this history is being researched and recorded."  
 Managing Director - SRM Engineering Ltd

 "No one else has recorded this period of history in the British bike industry as you have."
 Jonathan   Manuel 

"Some fantastic books.  Such books on the decline and final demise of our industry should be studied in business courses in UK and throughout the developed world.  Industries that have gone beyond 'maturity' must be at risk of repeating what UK motorcycling did.  And for mere enthusiasts like me, they provide answers to questions we had over 50 years ago."
Peter Kelly

"Please let him know the book is fascinating in his telling of the NVT story - all of his books on the decline of the British motorcycle industry should be required reading in any university courses on business, manufacturing, design."
Gary Ilminen (Ultimate Motorcycling)

BSA/Triumph Divisional Chief Stylist Stephen Mettam.

Advertising and dealer promotional material from 1971

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